Our Story

To make a long story short. We went to the same high school for a while, but never knew each other. One of his best friends is my best friends and we still didn't know each other. Til I was 21 soon to be 22 and he was 22 soon to be 23. We met and instantly didn't care for each other, LOL. He seemed like a jerk and he would say I seemed like a "gold digger". We began seeing more of eachother through passing and so he asked me on a date. On September 1 of 2008, our 3rd date, Keinrick and I were in a horrible really bad car accident. One that we walked away from with just a few scratches. Which began a 3 year relationship. We had a break up sometime ago, which led me to pack my stuff and leave to a unknown far away land, Wisconsin. Keinrick realized he could live without me, but he preferred to live it with me and traveled whatever the distance it is from Miami, FL to Eau Claire, WI to surprise me in the middle of the night and ask me to marry him. I was completely in shock mode, but of course I said yes. Sometimes people need to be apart to realize that they want to be together.

Now with me still in Wisconsin and him and our baby Rockie (the kitty) in Florida, we are working towards officially living in Wisconsin. It's not easy being away from each other. But when we think of the bigger picture at the end of the day we know what's important.  

-UPDATE 11/3/2011-
I'm in South Carolina for a month helping my Nana and Aunt Lola. There has been a change of plans. I'll be going back to Florida at the end of the month. Back to my apartment, my kitty, & my Keinrick.

August 31, 2008 Keinrick & I went on date number 3 to dinner at some restaurant that had awesome churassco. Close to midnight we left to go to the beach and while driving we were blindsided by another car that rammed us to the point where the car we were in wouldn't stop spinning. After the feeling of being thrown around had stopped, I opened my eyes and we are facing traffic on the opposite side of the road. Keinrick's first thought was to check me and see if I was alive... LOL, funny now... not so funny then. His door was smashed in so he had to kick out the window, where he then leaped to his feet to go check on the other passengers. The car was totaled and we walked out of that situation alive with no broken bones, just one or two scratches. This began our relationship.