Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm desperate!

I feel so frustrated! Today all I want to do is decorate cakes. I already turned down going to the farmers market with my brother and ma, which I should go because ma leaves on Saturday. Then I leave on the first of November, for a month.  In diet news, I suck! This week I've been eating like a pig. That's it... back on the diet ASAP! I even feel disappointed telling you about my inability to stick to eating the right food. So frustrating. Yesterday was just as much as a lazy get nothing done day too. I ended up sitting in the room for the most part of the day painting my nails. In honor of the possibility maybe hopefully most likely might be going to Disney & HARRY POTTER LAND for Christmas, I painted my nails with Minnie & Mickey Mouse.

If you read my blog, I'm desperate for advice on keeping on your diet schedule.

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