Friday, November 11, 2011

Counting Down

Counting down the day til I go back home, that's Florida, if I've caused any confusion with where home is on this blog... lol. 19 more days. I'm sure they will go as slow as a snail. I've been trying to keep myself busy, cleaning my Nana's house, cooking, washing cloths, reorganizing and such... Time can really be at a stand still around here if you let it. My speech has even changed too. I'm noticing the honky tonk country coming out of me, can't help it when I'm surrounded by country folk. Even when I was in Wisconsin I was sounding like I was from Minnesota.

With keeping myself busy, I had some time to shop the local thrift stores and picked myself up a set of 6 coffee mugs. For how much you ask. Oh! just 75 cents a piece!!!! Nice right. I thought they would add some cozy feel to my kitchen dishes. I even came up on some vintage coasters in my Nana's house too. Keinrick and I came up with the great idea of collecting coasters from different places we visit (i.e. restaurants, thrift stores, countries). We've actually been sucking at that project. 

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