Thursday, November 3, 2011

Excepting your money...

Now excepting your money or sponsorship! [whichever]

For a cheap fee you can put up your fancy smancy blog, etsy shop, whatever, banner here on "The Fox & Owl Amour"... Your banner will be displayed on the right side column under "Mes Amours".

I just started my blog last month. So, I am fairly new. I do get readers everyday. Not a lot, but some. 

Here are my online stats:

Blog Views: 226
Shop FB followers: 226
Personal FB followers: 458
Twitter followers: 103
Tumblr followers: 68

: monthly sponsor highlight here on my blog
: host giveaway

: monthly sponsor highlight here on my blog
: montly sposor highlight on my online networks
: host giveaway 

Email me foxloveowl {at} gmail {dot} com for availability and/or hosting your giveaway!

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