Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hot Sweet Potatoes

 My Uncle Warren brought is a big bag full of sweet potatoes for $5. So, yesterday my Nana taught me how to make a sweet potato pie. I never made one before. I was so proud of myself. Completely recommend you making this for Thanksgiving and eating it right out the oven. SOOOOOOO....FREAKEN.....GOOD....

In my Nana's time they didn't use measuring cups, they just eye balled their measurements and tasted each step to see if they reached the right yummy level. Well that is what yesterday was like. She had me baking like I've never baked before. I eye balled everything. Here is a ruff draft of what I recall I used. 

Remember that there is no way you can mess this recipe up. You can always add more sweet potatoes, nutmeg, cinnamon, and sugar if you feel it needs it.  

3 eggs
3 tbsp Nutmeg
3 tbsp Cinnamon 
1/3c Evaporated Milk
7-8 Sweet Potatoes (depends on size of potatoes)
3c. Sugar
1c. a stick Butter
2 Pie Crust (store bought if you prefer)

1. Wash your sweet potatoes & boil i for 30+ min. Make sure they are squishy once finished boiling.
2. Drain water, let sweet potatoes cool off, then peel all the skin off.
3. Place sweet potatoes in a bowl, add your butter, and smash w/ potato smasher.
4. Add your eggs, nutmeg, cinnamon, evaporated milk, and sugar. Then whisk all all ingredients together. 
5. Taste the mix. It should already taste like a sweet potato pie. Sweet and Cinnamony. (In my case mine needed more cinnamon and sugar so I added more, but if you don't need it then no worries)
6. Once you have the right yummy taste poor mix in pie crusts. Place them in a preheated 350 degree oven for 30-45 min.
7. You know it done when pies crust is browned and mix should be thicken and a hint of brown around the mix edges.



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