Monday, November 14, 2011

Sweet Vera

The other night I stayed up and watched DC Cupcakes, when Katherine gets married. Cried like a baby. You always can tell when two people are in true love together. Not to mention the googly eyes I was giving her dress, a Vera Wang strapless Chantilly. I can't wait to go dress shopping (15 more lbs to go).

 The cupcake cake tower was so freak-en huge. My sister will be making our wedding cake cakes. My thoughts are a table of sweets with 3 or 4 cakes and macaroons and cucpcake, etc. I just might even make my own cupcake toppers. This is a DIY wedding after all. I know Keinrick is going to want chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. His favorite sweet is chocolate :) I'll post more ideas on my cake soon.

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