Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Way Back Wednesday #1

Such a long weekend and going to be even longer week. We visited my cousin who had surgery and now tomorrow my Aunt goes in for surgery, please keep them in your prayers. Being back home (aka South Carolina) is so much more different then what I remember when I was a little girl. I guess back then I didn't appreciate the essence of family and our heritage. Last year I started little project family tree and just started it up again recently. My cousin Barbra and I have been asking so many questions of who's who and past life. In our search we found out my great great grandfather, Willie, was born into slavery. I'll be posting every so often of the trees updates.

Because tomorrow will be filled with events and in light of the tree project I thought I'd start a new tradition on my blog "Way Back Wednesday's".

Way back in the day when I was like 10 my family & I drove up to South Carolina to visit my Nana & cousins. We brought along my childhood bestys, Maria and Candace. The photo was taken in front of my Nana's house. The little girl in the front is my sister, Jalesa. We were on our way to church.

Left to right: Maria, Me, Candace, & Jalesa (front) 

Super way back in the day my Nana feeding me.

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