Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Way Back Wednesday 3 & 4

Last week was so not the time for me to blog. My father and siblings came to South Carolina for Thanksgiving, so I was super busy trying to clean up my Nana's house. Then when they got there we prepared the food. Then on the drive back down to Florida I remembered that I completley forgot about "Way Back Wednesday 3". So, what I did was add 2 pics. I found a real oldie of me, my brother L.j., and my sister Jalesa, from when we were little kids. The other one happens to be from like 7 or something years ago, taken on a Sunday. Sundays at my parents home is always a family breakfast event.

Let me tell you about these guys. Jalesa just turned 20 and attends Le Cordon Bleu. She has a boyfriend, Dwizzle and a job at the movie theatre we would go to as kids. My brother, L.j. just turned 28 and he is a manager at the hippedy hop IHOP. He has dos baby's, and we share an interest in being tattooed.
I love these guys. 

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