Friday, December 2, 2011


You know when your young and hungry and super broke. You think hey I wish I had mula to go shop for food. We'll we did. We went grocery shopping for the first time since I've been back. Through the week I found myself looking for coupons and cheap finds. There has been a craze for shopping with coupons in America. I keep seeing commercials and then on talk shows how women go out and purchase $300 worth of stuff and only have to pay $5. I just found myself a new hobby/goal. Here's how we save some denero for ourselves that would be beneficial for you, exspecially when you have children and a hole familia to feed. 

1. make a list of everything that you need/want
(I try to stick to need more then want. You soon realize after you purchase something you don't need that money could have gone to savings or to more food.)
2. have a budget
(What I like to spend on grocery's a month is $100-$150 for 2 ppl. This includes grocery's, house needs, and body care needs.)
3. look for coupons at your local grocery store, online, newpapers, etc...
(Ours is Winn-Dixie & Publix. But I made a mental note of which store was cheaper and have more sales, so we mainly shop Winn-Dixie)
4. use your grocery store reward card
(If you don't have one ..GET IT!!! We got ours once we moved into our apartment last year. The stores always offer "buy one get one free"and "perks". Winn-Dixie offers "fuelperks". So everytime we use our card and save we get money off a certain gas station. )
5. shop your list, don't deviate from your list.
(Once you deviate, you've jepardized your plan. I do deviate away from the list sometimes, but I'm working on that, don't judge me)

So yesterday we bought 52 items for $178.91. Then we used a $5 off Winn-Dixie coupon and our Winn-Dixie reward card and only spent $141.30. Came in under budget and got everything we needed. Keinrick deviated away from the list this time, because he just had to have beans and cans of soup.

We don't spend money on premade food. We like to cook and eat healthy, at least I do. Keinrick still likes his ice cream and chocolate. 


Hillary Brooke said...

I love this is something we struggle with constantly! I work at Whole Foods so that is where we shop...and I am sure you know how pricey it can get shopping there, but since working I have found ways to save and bring our spending way down...(one month is was like 700$$$...gross.)


Patlei Lani said...

Thanks Hillary. I think I'll have my sister-in-law guest post about her coupon saving for another blog post after the new year. She's such a fanatic when it comes to coupons.
Wait... you saved $700? or spent? either way holly cow.. I know my dad used to spend that much when we were kids. I know he's saving now that most of us have moved out.