Monday, January 16, 2012


Hello my loyal stalkers :). It's been a while. I think I'm going to start dedicating at least 2 nights to making sure I blog, to update you loves on life progress. Like how my mother, sister, and myself went to my first bridal show. I know it was crazy, between my mother crying over some deja voo with candy in a jar, and then spitting cake in my eye, to my sister getting emotional, I think this wedding stuff is taking off quit well. 
I found the show online randomly one evening and signed us all up to go. After we went to Joann's and I chose all my colors for the wedding. Got me a nice handful of swatches. There's a lot. I don't want to go traditional with the 3 color choice.  By the end of the night we went to eat dinner and played card & board games. Here are some of the goodies we found. 

I wore this.

 The spot.  

The gals.

The Bride.

The goodies.

 I won a bottle of wine from Kerry's Papery. Whoohoo!!!

 Not all, just some. The colors!



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bryllupsfotograf said...

Soo lovely series! Good mood captured