Sunday, October 23, 2011

First Draft Dresses

Lets talk wedding dresses. Now, I haven't gone and tried any on, on the grounds I'm looking to lose a full 30lbs first and I have a good amount of time. But I know what I like and what I don't like, wait scratch that. I don't know shiznit. I'm always changing my mind about...pretty much everything. Wonder if I'll have that moment of tears and butterfly's when I try on "the dress". Will I know that "this is the one". Gosh I hope I'll know. I'm basing my first draft style and on a romantic effortless feel. Let me explain. I don't wear a lot of makeup and I'm not big on changing my jewelery like I change my wardrobe. I like my cloths to make my body go BAM! without me having to try as hard, thus the effortless feel. 

SN: Ummm..before I go on let me just say, I'm not trying to offend anyone.. Mommy told me to do it my way so DON'T HATE ME!

For now this is what I hate: 
*Prom looking dresses- nothing bothers me more then seeing a wedding dress look like a prom dress. I'm so bothered by it I didn't even bother to look up a photo of one.
*Pure white- Now being as pure as they come (wink wink). I'm not to into going white for my wedding. My mother didn't go white either, must run in the family. 
*No No short wedding dress- I don't mind short in the front, but it must be long in the back. Like train long. 

This is what the experts say  "I" should be wearing. But I'm sure I'll find something that gives the experts a my middle finger :).

Short and Petite
stay away from gowns with too much fabric. 
create an illusion of height, you will want a dress with seams or lace which runs up and down lengthwise.
Recommended Styles: high neckline, A line, empire, or princess silhouettes, sheath, small collars and cuffs, short sleeves or sleeveless with long gloves, or dresses that are trim at the neckline and shoulders to draw the eye upward. Also, consider a chapel train with a floor length veil.
Recommended Fabrics: chiffon, velvet, lace and schiffli net
Not Recommended: You should stay away from a belt, unless it is a very narrow one. Try to avoid frills and excessive detailing.

> When I loose 30lbs: <
You have an hourglass shape if your bust and hip measures are equal with a defined waist that is at least four inches smaller than either.
Recommended Dresses: A-line or Princess gown
Recommended Neckline: Strapless, Off the shoulder, Sweetheart, Scoop, Queen Anne
Not Recommended: Too much accent on bodice or skirt, Empire, Mermaid, Sheath

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