Sunday, October 23, 2011

Petit L'elefant

Today's a downer for me. My mother left back to Miami and I'm missing home a lot right now (as I skype w/ Keinrick). It's truly a hard feeling to be away from what you know, Keinrick, Rockie, our apartment. I won't down play this post with a bunch of sobbing. 
Today, we went to the apple orchard, although you wouldn't know it by the photos. Totally didn't take any photos of the kids or the apples. But I did get great shots of my mother, brother, sister and the kids. I can't wait till Keinrick and I have our own little family, Rockie, and one day... God willing... an addition (aka petit l'elefant).  
For now enjoy. 

Taken w/ a Canon Rebel XT
Edited w/ Photoshop CS4 & RadLab

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