Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Hint

I've been non stop on the phone with family all day today breaking the news to them. They are all so happy. Ma cried, she was supper thrilled for us, "I just want you to be happy". Tear. Yea, a real emotional day. (SN: as I'm writing this blog my little brother, Jarvis, calls me to advise me that I've forgotten to call him and let him know the news! shoot! there are to many of us!)

via google search "pink & gold wedding"

via google search 

All day I've been trying to think of the location in which I would want to have my wedding. The world just needs to shrink a little bit so I can have a smaller selection of places. I was chatting away with Keinrick about what date or month would be special to us and it made us or at least me realize we don't have a special day/month. Sad. We're not the type of couple that does the whole shebang for our anniversary. Just a kiss and a card are all we need. So, I take that back, sad, not sad. I'm thinking a spring or summer wedding, possibly an outdoorsy. All Keinrick wants is cake and no snow. Men are simple souls. Which in this case I don't mind so much.

Today, I spent the day making cupcake toppers and decor for my nephews birthday cake, because after all this is what I do,  I didn't take the time out to stock some wedding blogs. So, here are just some wonderful photos and wedding inspiration I found. J'adore the pinkish hue in the photos. This just might be the first hint of a color for MY, wait OUR, wedding. LOL.

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