Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Blog!

fox & owl

 This is not my first time blogging this is just my first time blogging on this blog. Cheers to me! I'm still working on the layout of the blog so don't mind me if you see a few changes here and there. I'll just use this first post to basically welcome anyone and everyone with a Hello! Typically people write their first blog about what their blog site will be about, so let me not deviate away from tradition. I'm 25 years old and just recently got engaged, like 2 days ago engaged. I haven't told my parents yet, although they already know (you'll see why in "our story"). So, with respect to my parents lets not blab about it to loud. Even though it's a bit hard for me since I'm super pumped about planning my own wedding. So, yea this is why I built this blog, to share my adventures of a DIY wedding, my life, his life, Rockies life, you get the picture. Don't be shy to throw a couple or a lot of ideas my way. There might be two ceremonies with one of them being a destination wedding. I don't know. I have some some time to work it all out, good thing.

xo, Patlei

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