Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lazy bed bum!

 All day today I worked on these toppers to upload to my shop. Standing for 12 hours in the same place is exhausting, but gotta get the job done to make some denero. So, go buy them, they are great gifts for friends and family. Besides it evens itself out with me being a lazy bed bum the past 2 days.


 I took a break to cook dinner, t-bone steak, potatoes, rice, & broccoli. Sucky part is that I could only eat the t-bone, due to the diet. But it still was a magnificent feast for the Becker's. Afterward we roasted marshmallows in the basement over a candle, because its 40 degrees outside and apparently it might snow this week. We made s'mores with our candle roasted marshmallows and again I couldn't eat it! Graysen loved the roasting, but just ate the chocolate. Jealous.


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