Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Low Down

So....here's the low down.... Excited about this weekend. My mother comes tonight and we going swimming! LOL! This will be her first time coming to Wisconsin. My nephews birthday is this weekend and I've been fiddling with this darn pirate ship cake since 7am! But the good news of the day is my shop is getting some progress and it's only been open for a week. Can I get a WHAT!WHAT! and it's official next month I'll be in South Cacalaky or Carolina for you non southern folk for a whole month.

As far as the diet's going, ummm today I ate chex mix...tis tis. I know I feel guilty. And it wasn't just some, it was more then some, okay maybe a lot more then some. But they were calling my name. I felt so guilty...until... I looked at a picture of me from back in July and one I took yesterday...DAMN! My face looks skinny! So, yea I treated myself to some honey chex mix.

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