Monday, October 17, 2011

Splurge for the details!

One wedding that I always ALWAYS think about is Photographer, Max Wagner's wedding. He married his love July 2010. Not only is he a brilliant Photographer, but his wedding photos by Whitney & Jesse from Our Labor Of Love are AMAZING! When I say I always think of their wedding, I mean all the time. Wedding=Max Wagner. They come hand in hand.

When thinking about all the little details I want for our wedding it makes me nervous that no one will notice. I want my photographer to tell the story of Keinrick's & I love for each other. To capture all the little fringes and bows that add to the backdrop of our day. That's why I know for sure we'll be splurging on the Photographer.

Here are a few photos from Max Wagner's wedding and some links to Photographers that I just might higher. I know I'll choose from this list, there's no doubt about that. When it comes to the photography of our wedding I want it to be spot on perfect. You can never recreate that day. 

Our Labor Of Love 

Max Wagner

1313 Photography 

Oh Darling Photography

Photo Love

Hello Love Photography

Photography By Beulah

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