Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vintage Amour

Between taking care of my Nana & Aunt and being so busy doing orders from my shop I haven't had any time to go out and take photos of the town. I keep telling myself to go for a walk and do it, but I can never get a real moment of my own. Today I was all ready to go to church and some what excited, then I felt the pains of women hood and I just stayed home. I suck. This sucks. Women hood can suck 7 days out of a month.

 On to irrelevant other life happenings... I've been giving some thought into my style. I like a vintage pinup look any day. Since I've been in South Carolina I've been wearing my hair like this. My Aunt told me that's how they use to wear their hair at my age. I want to straighten my hair with a flare on one side, but the hairdryer is broken...shoot me!

Oh by the way 10 more days til I come home. I can't wait for that moment of seeing Keinrick.

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