Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Birthday Wishes

You know how sometimes you don't want to blog. Well that's how I feel. My feet hurt. I'm finally working a part time job and I have orders up the wazoo. Plus my cats in heat. This sounds like complaining, but truly I feel blessed. Oh and we started obsessing over this t.v. show "Community". We've been watching it on Hulu like stalkers. Keinrick and I usually get in these modes where we watch some awesome series or canceled episodes. Like, "The Office", or "Parks & Recreations". These shows make t.v. worth wild for us. 

On other news my birthday is next week. I'll be 26. But today someone told me that I look 19. I was like "I love you". I think I want an IPad or and Mac Computer. This for sure I have to save up for.

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