Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Way Back Wednesday 8

My besties birthday was last week. She turned the big 25. I took her to a movie and a very cheap, basically free dinner. Then we went out dancing. Then later that week we went out dancing again. We had a blast. 

To my best friend. Your a strong women, that makes me want to be a better women everyday. I truly love you and am extremely proud of you. No matter our past we are making up for it now in our future. We are PB screw everything else. :)

For my way back Wednesday here's one of us on the day of our high school graduation. Funny story behind this photo. A few seconds before we took the picture we ran to each others arms, took the photo, then I turned around and noticed I no longer had my diploma in my hands. Why? because my dumb ass dropped it in a crowd of 700 people. Yeah! that happened. I walked up to the ladies who were handing out the diplomas and I asked if anyone turned in mine. They looked at me like, "ummm... did we just graduate this idiot."

Good Times. 

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