Friday, December 9, 2011

Check Please

Reality only hits me ever so often. My shop makes a good amount of change, but I need to make sure I get a reliable check. So, I'm apply for part time jobs. Anything in the baking, cake decorating, cupcake extraordinaire area is preferred, but not limited to everything else. My set career goal when growing up was a professional Photographer. I took & sometimes still take photos. I use to do artistic photography and such, but the love for it just faded away one day. That's when I began to cook and bake more. That was like 4ish years ago. Now my dream is to open up a small pleasant size bakery and make fresh bread every morning and have a plethora of sweets and yummies.

Help a sista out and spread the word, heck go buy some too. 

For anyone who knows of any job openings that I could apply for (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), please let me. Thx

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