Saturday, December 10, 2011

& this is today

Yesterday, Keinrick brought home some French macarons. I was so freaken excited. I ate them all up, against diet plans, but who cares. They were delicious. Then I found out that this place just opened up in the shopping center we grocery shop at, right down the street! We enjoyed macarons and fried porkchop for dinner. I even dyed my hair again, golden blonde of course. But my goal is blondish then put pink tips.

Tomorrow we are going to my parents for dinner, for a redo Thanksgiving. Since we all weren't together for Thanksgiving. Then Monday is Keinrick's BIG 27. So we'll celebrate with cake and sushi at home chillaxin. My babes is such a simple man. I think I know what to get him :)

Today, I walked to the farmers market and bought some freshly picked strawberrys. I wish I could add a scratch and sniff on your scream, because these yum yums smell so good.

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