Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our tree

My apartment isn't fully loaded with furniture. That's what happens when your broke. So it's a bit empty. But I still try to incorporate as much crap to fill a corner. This being said, I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to decorate my Christmas tree with super hero's that we were going to make ourselves. Well change of plans, with the over flow of orders, I debated and debated if I should even spend $40 on a tree that we are just going to throw away in a couple of days (which I really want to do anyways), but thinking cost affective not such a good idea right now. Not to mention Rockie kept peeing on our tree last year. She's a little territorial.

As I debated this, Keinrick suggested that I draw a tree on the wall. I hated that idea (kindof). So, I nailed some tacks and hung our lights and last years ornaments in the wall instead. As for the super hero ornaments, I thought it'll be a better idea just to make them as cupcake toppers and put up in the shop. 

Hopefully I can wake up Christmas morning to a new puppy :)

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