Friday, January 6, 2012

I promise

You ever have those moments of just bursting out in tears, because of some random sad moment. It's hard to come back to a life style that you thought you left. Then to come back and actually have to face your fears and problems. I'm one of those people that won't deal with chaos or drama. The moment things get shaky I'm ready to run. I know some won't admit that, it's a little embarrassing to say that you are scared of what might happen or what is happening. Even when I can't handle a simple task like calling my phone company to fix a problem I throw a fit and have Keinrick do it.
So many people have told me, not out of malice, that I'm spoiled. It's so true. My father has always spoiled me, but in the same breath has taught me to stand strong and take no crap from no one. Last year was filled with a lot of happy moments, but the memories that have stuck with me are the ones that weren't so happy.  Keinrick and I have these times where if one of us says "I love you." the other would reply "You promise?". I think from now on my promise won't be that I love him, because of course I do. I think it'll mean that I promise that I will do everything I can to fix whatever unhappy moment we are having and not run. 

I wrote this blog because I'll be 26 tomorrow and I think the best gift I could give myself (besides a puppy..wink wink) is truth. When I began this blog I thought I would only write about rainbows and lollipops, but the fact is not everything is always as so. This I had a hard realization of. I mean I know that life wouldn't always be "oh so happy" but I always thought I'd have someone else fix it. So, I guess I'm writing this because it's the truth and apparently I use this blog as a public diary into my life. I know everyone has their life issues, mines just so happens to be written out loud.

Here's another birthday gift from my bestfriend, she sung me a song. :) That I dedicate to him.

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